May 12 2010 03:11 pm

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MegamanZDevil, May 12 2010 03:11 pm     Reply

hey, look, who's that cameoing?

Advertisement, Jul 17 2019 09:17 am     Reply

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yasu (Guest), May 12 2010 04:01 pm     Reply

AWWW that guy is so cute :'D

OH, and I really like that last pannel <3

WalkedAway, May 12 2010 04:06 pm     Reply

LOL NICKELS you sly dog =v= /shot
Haha, I missed you, Yumi XDD
Gosh, I love your lines Nikki ;A;<333

MegamanZDevil, May 12 2010 04:19 pm     Reply

@yasu: ; v ; i didn't expect you to comment.
ahh thank you, bro. // the last panel was super fun to do.

@mad: tehehe~ you never suspected a thing.
thank you. ouo being able to do thin lines makes me happy.

Haruchu, May 17 2010 01:00 am     Reply

sobsnifff THESE EXPRESSIONS D'> *steals the second panel*

lmaoo Yumiii haha X>>>
OhmygoodnessIthinkIseesomeonefamiliar *[]*!!

RibbonBun, Jun 20 2010 11:02 am     Reply

it's chloe! xD

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